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the new Check-in Ticket

Where can I use the check-in ticket?
How does traveling with Check-in Ticket work?
3 reasons why it’s worthwhile having the smart Check-in Ticket:
How do I use the check-in functionality?


What do I have to watch out for when I check in?
What happens if the check-in fails to work?

On the road

What happens if I deactivate the geolocation service while the app is in use?
Can I also use the check-in functionality outside Switzerland (e.g. Brig - Domodossola)?
May I stop the Internet connection during the journey (e.g. by activating the airplane mode)?
Can I get off during the journey?
Can I also make round trips (same start and destination)?
What happens if my smartphone battery runs out?
What do I have to do in the event of a ticket inspection?
What happens if I leave the applicable fare network?
What data is stored?


How does the check-out work?
I forgot to check out. What can I do?
How does the check-out reminder work?


When will the journeys made be charged to my payment method?
How do I know whether my journeys have been billed?
I have been billed for an incorrect journey or an incorrect amount. What can I do?
I have not received a receipt. What might be the reason?
What payment methods are available?
How can I change the chosen payment method?
My payment method was not accepted. What can I do?
My app has been blocked. Why? What can I do?
Are my payment method details secure on the mobile telephone?